HEY World

The folks at Basecamp, the makers of HEY, showed off a new – yet very limited – feature of HEY called HEY World. It’s a blog that uses email as its CMS, send an email and you have a new blog post. I think it’s brilliant.

Blogs are awesome. They’re more discoverable than Twitter and less toxic than Facebook. There’s less noise (for the most part), and less pull to stay “engaged”. Just text and images on the screen. I’ve long searched for better, easier ways to start a blog. There’s Squarespace, and the like, but they’ve all long sense given up on blogging for greener ($$$) pastures. There’s WordPress and Ghost but hosting is expensive or feature-limited. For a while I had my blog on micro.blog which was fine. Now it’s on WordPress which, after designing a custom theme and self-hosting, is better. I wish I could say to my friends “hey, you should have a blog go here to make one” – but I can’t.

HEY World probably won’t be that place either but it’s a fun idea. Hopefully it reminds people how cool blogs are. And hopefully I’m wrong, Basecamp never ceases to amaze.