NFL 2020 Week 13 Picks 🏈

My pick: listed first. Home team: CAPS. Post-game comments in italics.

I saw 2 go in last week. I think that’s just the momentum I need going into this week. I feel good about these picks.

FALCONS +3 vs. Saints – The Falcons have played well against the bottom half of the league. Without Brees, I think the Falcons have a shot. ❌ Kamara is back to form!

BEARS -3 vs. Lions – Two weeks ago the Lions put up 0 points against the Panthers, and then fired their coach. I’m not sure why I’m trusting Mitch but I don’t like how this Lions team has been playing. ❌ This was a heartbreaking loss.

PACKERS -8.5 vs. Eagles – Big lines usually give me pause. This year, I think it’s wise to take any line against NFC East teams (plus the Jets). ✅ As I suspected, the Eagles aren’t very good

Season to date (week 10-13): 3-9-1